Solid Silver Cutout Star Necklace - With Iron Meteorite

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A solid silver necklace set with a piece of real iron meteorite

This is inspired by my classic and most popular piece of meteorite jewellery - the Silver Star Meteorite Necklace, this is a new piece and will be popular I am sure!

Consists of a solid silver star with a cutout central section, and set with two fragments of iron Campo Del Cielo meteorite
This is a legendary iron meteorite found in Argentina in 1576 but thought to have fallen thousands of years previously.

There are also two small star impressions in the star - just for extra character!

The pendant itself measures 2.3cm across and has been strung from an 18 inch sterling silver curb chain, and boxed in a high quality black velvet lined jewellery box.

You will also receive a signed certificate of authenticity and also an A4 colour meteorite information sheet.

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