Iron Meteorite Slice Necklace - Rustproof

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This is made with an etched slice of iron meteorite.
The meteorite is Muonionalusta - found in Sweden and used across the globe for a wide range of meteorite products.

The iron meteorite slice has been set in a stainless steel setting and while it doesnt have the intrinsic value of sterling silver one benefit is it is waterproof and rustproof.
It can be worn in the shower without worrying about rusting.

You will not receive this EXACT necklace but one very similar and the size is around 2cm - 2.5cm

Will be sent with a stainless steel 18 inch chain - also rustproof

Boxed in a high quality jewellery box along with a signed certificate of authenticity.
You will also receive a free A4 meteorite information sheet, packed with information on these incredible objects.